3 Reasons Garlic Will Always Have A Ready Market In Zimbabwe

3 Reasons Garlic Will Always Have A Ready Market In Zimbabwe

Garlic is one of the best superfood crops to cultivate as a startup farmer in Zimbabwe. Consumers are increasingly becoming health concious thus posing a demand factor to the production of food crops with medicinal value. In the wake of compromised public health systems, demand for super fooods will continue to grow. In this article we explore 3 benefits consumers of garlic get from the crop.

Garlic Helps in Fighting Cancer cells

Garlic contains a sulphur compound, S-allylmercaptocysteine(SAMC) which discourages the growth and development of cancer cells. The crop properties help fight brain cancer, skin cancer, prostate and breast cancer. It achieves this through the presence of dially sulphides which posses anti-cancer properties.

Cancer is a public health challenge for Zimbabwe and madication is relatively expensive. Grow garlic and help health concious consumers get enough garlic and eat to prevent cancer infection.

Garlic Has Anti-ageing Effects

Antioxidants in garlic help prevent damages to the skin by eliminating toxins circulating within the the immune system. Cytokinin, a hormone contained in garlic promotes cell growth while delaying aging through its antioxidant effects.

Garlic also help in protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. It contains compounds that regulate the release of urocanic acid. Urocanic acid is produced as a defence mechanism against tissue damage from excessive UV light. This acid is very harmful to the skin.

S-ally cysteine a compound present in garlic cloves help treat such ailments as eczema and psoriasis. Infections are a result of the activated NF-kB compound found in the immune system. The NF-kB compounds are activated by free radical agents, UV light and/or some cancer causing agents.

Garlic improves heart health

Garlic can also regulate cholesterol levels because of its ability to deactivate cholesterol-producing enzymes. Extracts from garlic play a pivotal role in reducing blood pressure by controling the productoin of cholesterol. These extracts increase calcium and reduce C-reactive protein elements attributed to causing inflammation and elevated blood pressure. The allicin compound present in garlic lowers blood pressure by increasing hydrogen sulphide concentration which tends to relax blood vessels.

Garlic Cultivation Requirements

Garlic should be planted on light, well drained organic soil with a pH range of 6. It should be planted in . areas that receive full sunlight for most part of the day. This crop tolerates temperatures between 10-34 degrees Celcius. These conditions help the plant to produce bulb with far reaching health benefits

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