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Get farming business plan templates designed for Zimbabwe. Before you think of starting a farming project or improving the profitability of your business, consider getting a business plan relavant to you. Treating farming as a business may be challenging hence we have designed business documents that can help you manage your framing business, scale up and better manage value addition of your produce. At business planning Zimbabwe, we figured what is generally need by most farmers is a tailor made research and development service that will assist them design sustainable agribusiness models for the benefit Zimbabwe and Africa. 

Accordingly, we design business plan templates for Zimbabwe and our documents will make it easy for you to launch your business with relative ease. All in all, our documents contain concise market research and analysis. We also provide you with various tools for use to attain effective project monitoring and evaluation. By the same token, we offer customized project proposal development for individuals intending to start projects in:

Broiler Production Business

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Goat Production Business

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Maize Farming Business

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Butternut Farming Business

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Sugar Beans Farming Business

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Sunflower Farming Business

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Garlic Farming Business

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Mushroom Farming Business

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More business plans are coming soon. Keep checking.

All things considered, our services in research make it easy for you to understand all you need to know about a project you intend to venture into. Altogether, we assist you in making basic financial and non-financial appraisals to your start-up idea for easier planning, budgeting and/or raising funds. As a matter of fact, we have a strong and unique understanding of African development and this shapes our approach to how we understand start-up businesses should be structured for sustainable growth and development. Our project proposal design makes the document usable as a:

• Bank loan Application,

• Grant Application,

• Business/Project Proposal Submission,

• Business/Project Concept Note

• Sharing with a business partner

• Assessing the profitability of the business

• Business Strategy formulation

Once you conceive a business idea you need to convert it into something tangible which can either be the production or provision of a product or service. Business planning therefore entails the process of thinking ahead as one prepares to undertake the business in the short, medium to long term. The resultant business document detailing the steps taken in the realisation of a successful business is what we refer to as the business plan. The blue print may be used secure funding either through a bank loan or interested financial partners. It thus becomes important for a business plan to be as concises as possible highlighting the company`s objectives and as well as the ability/capacity to see the realisation of these goals.

Contents of the Business Plans (WORD, PDF AND EXCEL)

Our business plans include, but is not limited to:

Executive Plan

Operational Requirements

Planning For Sustainable Farming

Target Market Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Advertising And Promotion Plans

Competition Analysis

SWOT analysis

PEST Analysis

Risk Analysis

Financial Statements

Business management tips and advice

Our business plan package contains 5 files as listed below:

1. Business Plan – Editable Word Document File (Comprehensive Version –Length is 60-80 Pages)

2. Business Plan – PDF (Comprehensive Version – Length is 60-80 Pages)

3. Business Plan Bank Loan Version – (A short version for use in applying for funding or bank loan – Length is 40 -50 pages)

4. Business Plan Automated & Editable Financial Statements

5. ZIMRA Registration Guide – (PDF)

Buy The Business Plans (WORD, PDF AND EXCEL)

We have designed our business plan documents for easy use and adaptability to the Zimbabwean economic environment. The price for any business plan package is only $10(Soft Copies: Microsot word format and a Microsoft Excel file with all the relevant financial statements). Hard copies costs US$15.

You can purchase hard copies and/or soft copies at our work space in Harare. Visit Business Planning Zimbabwe, B2C Coworking Space, Batanai Gardens, Cnr Jason Moyo Ave and First Street, Harare.

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