Get A Free Income Statement Template

Get A Free Income Statement Template

How Healthy Is Your Project?

A project income statement may well be viewed as the cornerstone of efficient business/project management. It guides you in the proper handling of business/project funds by giving a detailed account of a business` revenue and expenditures. Business/Project financiers and managers alike can make use of income statements to know the financial health of their respective business/project operations.

The Structure of An Income Statement

An income statement categorises the flow of money as either revenue (Cash Inflow) or expenditure (Cash Outflow). This is a faster and efficient way to check the health of a business/project because these categories cancel each other out and expose the profit or loss accruing to a given business.

Download our free income statement and use it to monitor your project’s income and expenses. This will help you ascertain weather or not your project is profitable. The free template comes with instructions to guide you in filling out revenues and expenses columns. Automated calculations will highlight your business/project’s profits or losses.

Use It To Improve Business Decisions

An income statement will help you to easily identify areas that need attention in your project’s cash flow. This in itself goes a long way in shaping how you will respond to business situations and proffer remedial action. It highlights where expenses need to be reduced or where a business is incurring losses. In situations where a business is profitable, the statement highlights the best performing revenue streams and shows what you need to be doing more in your business. With such information, a business owner can arrive at data driven business decisions.

Understand Your Business Finance Status Better

With an income statement you will easily get a bird’s eye view of your business` financial status. Successful businesses have managed to incorporate financial statements as a means to generate financial reports exposing the cash flow status. The documents are then shared with respective shareholders to the business for their assessment.

Download Free Income statement – Template

We have designed an Excel income statement suitable for small businesses in Zimbabwe. Farmers should download the template and start using it today to better manage their agribusinesses. The statement comes with instructions on how to use and fill in the respective business data.


Get A Customised Financial Statement

You can also get a pre-designed financial statement for your business for just ZWL$7000 payable via Ecocash. Our financial statement is automated and contains the following sections:

  • Start-up Costs,
  • Monthly Cash Flow Statement,
  • Annual Income Statement,
  • Annual Balance Sheet

For assistance with business plan/project proposal writing and financial statements contact us today via email:, Call/WhatsApp: +263782594434. WhatsApp Link: [mobile devices only] Scan our QR Code

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