How To Start A Garlic Farming Business And The Business Plan

How To Start A Garlic Farming Business And The Business Plan

Garlic farming business is gaining popularity among farmers interested in cultivating super foods. Garlic is a super food because of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Health conscious individuals are thus exerting a positive demand pressure to the garlic production industry. Resultantly, there is a high demand for this super food in Zimbabwe and globally. In 2020, Zimbabwean farmers produced close to 200 tonnes of garlic and in the following year we witnessed a 6 fold growth in garlic production mostly in the north eastern parts of the country. Amidst this growth, garlic farmers have generated close to US$ 2 billion and the industry continues to grow as more farmers seek venturing into producing lucrative crops.

Aspiring entrants into the garlic farming business should know that profit margins vary in accordance to varieties. Garlic can either be a soft-neck variety or a hard-neck variety. Soft-necks are generally profitable and easy to grow. They also have a long shelf life and a good flavour when used as a spice. California white is the most common variety found in supermarkets.

Hard-necks on the other hand are relatively fragile but very rich in flavour. Most common variety from these is the Purple stripe, Turban and Creole varieties these tend to attract high end customers and restaurants alike. In this article we explore some common practices in garlic production which should poise one to become a successful farmer.

Successful garlic farming requires proper business planning before investing your hard earned cash into the business. The first step in preparing for garlic production is to ascertain the available land and size for planting. It is equally important that you label out on the amount of capital available for investing in the business. The next thing is to know whether or not you have a ready market which will consume your garlic. You also want to make sure that the respective market(s) has the adequate purchasing power to consume enough garlic which will keep your business afloat. All of this points at the importance of carrying out of a market research to ascertain the feasibility and viability of your business. Writing a garlic production business plan will make sure that you capture your ideas in a coherent manner.

In any case, garlic farming is not as difficult as you might imagine, all it takes is for you to get the right information and guidance. You need to know what to do for your farm to be as productive as possible and this article serves just that informative purpose.

Land Preparations

In garlic farming, your choice of land will have an impact on the overall performance of your garlic crop. Land that is set to undergo garlic production should be taken for soil testing. This will ascertain the soil nutrients available in the soil and inform the fertilisation program for the prospective crop. Sandy loam soil is ideal for garlic cultivation. Generally, the crop has a moderate tolerance to soil acidity and will grow well in soils with pH range 5.5 to 6.8.  If your soils meet these requirements proper land preparation is will be key in ensuring a weed free crop.

Garlic Farming Inputs

Sprinkler, drip or furrow irrigation is ideal in garlic production. The preffered mode of irrigation determines the type of inputs required. The type of seed variety you choose to grow will also determine the nature of inputs you will require for a successful garlic farming venture. Seeds should always be purchased from reputable suppliers.

Generally, to ensure efficient water supply to the planted garlic crop farmers need to make use of irrigation systems fitted with moisture level sensors. Garlic is extremely sensitive to moisture stress. The plant is also susceptible to weed and pest infestations. To control pre-emergence weeds you can use herbicides such as Ronstar Flo and Oxyfluorfen 240EC. Depending on your market, you will also need to ensure that packaging material and storage facilities are made available as your crop reaches maturity.

Labour And Machinery

Depending on the size of your farm, it may be workable that you hire labour and heavy machinery. You will need labour for planting, applying fertilisers and herbicides, ploughing as well as harvesting and packaging. Heavy machineries like tractors and cultivators may be hired as opposed to purchasing them. Manual labour will be employed based on need although you might need to also have farm supervisors, farm managers and an accounting team. These will oversee the full development of your garlic farming into a viable agribusiness venture.

Garlic Marketing

As soon as your garlic crop is reaching maturity, customers should be made ready to make purchases. This ensures that you do not keep your garlic for too long in the soil or storage and run the risk of damaging it. This is critically important if you have planted a soft-neck variety. Therefore, market your crop even before its time to harvest.

The Garlic Farming Business Plan

All in all, our garlic business plan is tailor made for individuals seeking detailed and most recent information about garlic farming in Zimbabwe. You can purchase the garlic farming business plan for just USpayable via Ecocash. You can either get it as a pre-written document or request for a customised version of the business plan at an extra charge. The customised business plan requires that you furnish us with your specific details and area of interest. Basically, our garlic business plan is bankable and contains information on how to successfully manage your production cycles, and prepare for future possible risks associated with the business.

With our business plan, you will ultimately find it easy to plan and budget for your garlic farming business. It will help you better navigate the garlic value chain so you may be able to strategically position your farming business for improved profitability. As the old saying goes, failing to plan equates to planning to fail. With our garlic production business plan, you will be fully informed of what is needed to successfully operate a garlic agribusiness.

The Business Plan Contents

Our business plan contains following subsections as listed below and more:

  • Operational Requirements
  • Planning For Sustainable Farming
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising & Promotion Plans
  • Competition Analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • PSTEL Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Financial Statements

Purchasing The Garlic Farming Business Plan

You can get a soft copy package of the maize farming business plan for just US$10 payable via Ecocash.

1. Garlic Farming Business Plan Comprehensive Version – PDF

2. Garlic Farming Business Plan Comprehensive Version – WORD

3. Garlic Farming Business Plan Short Bank/Grant Application Version – WORD

4. Garlic Farming Business Plan Financial Statements – EXCEL

5. A Business Model Design Template – WORD

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